Monday, June 3, 2013

The Lady Varnishes - The Red Bull

Hey guys,

Okay so do I have any The Last Unicorn fans in the house? First of all I would like to say that I LOVED that movie, but I watched it a couple years ago and MAN is that movie kind of effed up. Anyways so when I came across The Lady Varnishes on Etsy and saw they had a Last Unicorn collection I was obviously intrigued. I decided to pick up two polishes from TLV (you'll see the other tomorrow)

These bottles come with a cute little charm on the bottle (if you buy six you get a free chain to make a necklace I believe) and you can even have them scented if you like. I chose the "surprise me" option on both my polishes and couldn't really tell what either one was but they were nice.

Application was kind of a bitch as it often is with such densely packed glitter polishes. It took a bit of time to get things laid out nicely, once I did though I was quite happy with this. This was two coats.

This is
The Lady Varnishes - The Red Bull

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  1. This looks so similar to Rainbow Honey's Hoof Wrassle, I bet you could pull that one off. I am so meh about it. But I love the charms on those bottles! So cool you can get a necklace for them too. Not sure if I would ever wear them because I never wear any jewelry but the idea is rad.


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