Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crazy Polish Lady - Cinderella Shoe

Hey guys,

We have our last CPL indie today. Tell me what do you guys think? Sophie just released her summer collection and there are some really nice ones check them out on Facebook.

Today's polish is Cinderella inspired, for some reason Cinderella was never my favourite princess. I like the movie enough and lets face it Lady Tremaine is TERRIFYING, but something about Cinderella in her blue dress and her up-do just never worked for me that much. Anyways when I initially saw swatches of this it reminded me of my own Hoof Polish Just One More Time, then I actually went and looked at my swatches and realized I'm just an idiot. Totally different.

Cinderella Shoe is the only glitter topper of the bunch and it's perfect, one of those toppers that will work with ANY colour. This is one coat.
This is
Crazy Polish Lady - Cinderella Shoe
(over top of A England - Guinevere)

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