Sunday, June 9, 2013

Orly - Opposites Attract

Hey guys,

So a while back after buying Essie's latest magnetic polish I told myself NO MORE MAGNETIC POLISHES! You have enough! Welp, in typical Caitlin form, when I saw this magnetic Orly on BTR for cheap I couldn't control myself, what's one more? I asked myself, plus this one had a different magnetic pattern than anything in my collection.

I was actually pleasantly surprised, while I still SUCK at getting the magnetic design where I want it I really liked the colour of this polish and how it turned into a midnight blue colour with a shimmer that you don't see in the bottle. I was overall impressed.

This was 2 coats.

This is
Orly - Opposites Attract

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  1. I just got my first magnetic polishes! (The DL ones) so I am interested in seeing how it all works out. :D


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