Monday, June 24, 2013

That One Nail Polish - Wipeout

Hey guys,

So back at Christmas I joined a Secret Santa through instagram, so when the person who had me and sent me my package began her own indie line I couldn't help but be supportive and grab a couple. Now I'm not sure what happened between then and now but apparently she has more or less disappeared off the face of the internet. Her store has shut down and apparently a bunch of people haven't gotten their polishes and are quite unsatisfied. She has since deleted her IG account. 

So that being said I'm just going to talk about my PERSONAL experiences because I can't really comment on anyone else's frustration. It's really unfortunate but I imagine she just got in over her head too quickly. 

First up is a black & blue matte glitter topper. I didn't have any problems with this one so this is 2 coats with a coat of SV.

This is
That One Nail Polish - Wipeout
over top of Julep - Julianne


  1. Starting your own business is rough! I wish people would understand that more before they know what they're getting into - this speaks from both the entrepreneur's end and customer's end. Ah well, I hope it gets settled.

    1. Yeah I totally agree, and really who knows whats happening in her personal life so I tend to give people a bit of slack.


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