Friday, June 7, 2013

Deborah Lippmann - Ray of Light

Hey guys,

So a couple weeks ago you guys got to see my post of Deborah Lippmann's Sweet Dreams. Thats assuming that you check in regularly, and if you don't well thats fine too. I believe this one and Sweet Dreams came out in the same collection. Someone who has tons of followers would probably go double check on that right now, but unless every single person reading this right now decides to follow me with GFC or bloglovin' I'm just going to continue to be lazy right now.

This was super gorgeous. I loved it. In hindsight it needed another coat. It looked fine in person but under the light my camera was appy to point out the spots that were a bit bald. I had no real problems with application this was 3 coats (I'm fairly certain) and if you go with thick(er) coats you should be fine at 3. As everyone can see my ring finger needed 4

This is
Deborah Lippmann - Ray of Light

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