Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crazy Polish Lady - Reflection

Hey guys,

Well today I have another fun Disney themed indie from Crazy Polish Lady, sometimes I feel like a crazy polish lady, alright. Sometimes? always. Today's polish was inspired by Mulan, I flippin love Mulan, I can still remember the first time I saw it in theatres. I remember being so mad because my Dad was late getting back from golfing and couldn't wind up coming. Yup first world problems of a 9 year old haha.

Anyways I digress, compared to yesterday's polish this one was quite jam packed full of smaller glitter. The base on this was crelly-ish. This was 3 coats, but you could do 1 if you used a base purple. I found this one easier to work with due to the smaller glitter and higher glitter pay-off.

This is
Crazy Polish Lady - Reflection

Again you can find more info about Crazy Polish Lady indies here

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  1. I was hoping this polish would be called Be A Man but alas.


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