Sunday, March 23, 2014

Island Girl - Oahu Magic

Hey guys,

I'm so not ready for this weekend to end. I don't know about you guys. Right now I would like nothing more than to just sit here on the couch and veg out on an extremely unnecessary amount of salt and vinegar chips, except we don't have any. In my ideal world I would have a pantry stocked full of salt and vinegar chips that are never stale.

This is the last Island Girl polish I have to show you, I reswatched this one because the first was epically horrible. This turned out way better. This is a rainbow glitter topper. The glitter wanted to drag off the nail so I had to employ the "dabbing" technique a bit here.
This is 1 1/2 (The half is the area that needed to be dabbed) coats.

Island Girl - Oahu Magic
over China Glaze - Sweet Hook

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