Thursday, March 20, 2014

Katy Perry Dark Horse Inspired Manicure

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I had plans and was busy all night. I didn't even get a chance to change my polish so that should tell you how crazy of a night it was. 

A few weeks ago. My NPBFF pointed out how amazing Katy Perry's nails were in her Dark horse music video. Well of course I hopped right on the Internet and needed to see what she was talking about. Man was she right. She rocks a couple different looks in the video but I really loved the black rimmed blue nails. Of course I forgot to put the white glint on there but in my defense it was hard to tell if that was a real light glint or fake. So whatever. I loved the way these looked. 
The blue in this is Zoya - Robyn

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  1. Still should have been in our nail challenge, haha! I still need to do these...


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