Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Personal Accents - "Wine"

Hey guys,

So I need to talk about what happened to me this weekend. Don't be scared. It's AWESOME.
I am notoriously bad for "falling down the rabbit hole" of the internet and next thing I know it's like 10 pm at night and I'm like what happened to The Good Wife marathon I was having and how have I spent 3 hours watching Youtube videos.
There is this girl on Youtube who does these "Does this thing really work?!" videos where she tests as seen on tv products, but these videos are ridiculous. I laughed my butt off, then SPENT AT LEAST 4 HOURS STRAIGHT watching these videos. So many questions were answered. I feel like I needed to share the love. I posted a video at the end, stay tuned.

So this is another Personal Accents polish that came in the set Nicole got me for my birthday.
These didn't come with names so I have named this one Wine.
This was two coats.

This is
Personal Accents - "Wine"

Please enjoy this video. This is what spawned the beginning of my marathon.

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