Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Personal Accents - "Red"

Hey guys,

Ahhh, Internet bullies- also known as trolls. People who have nothing better to do than to make rude or hurtful comments. These people could be perfectly nice in person but give them access to the Internet and slight anonymity and suddenly there goes the filter. Today Julep reposted a picture I posted to Instagram of my manicure. I was so excited. Only to see the first comment was totally bashing my nails saying my (fairly tame as far as stilettos go) nail shape was creepy and gross. Yeah that kinda stings. I'm cool with people not liking the nail shape I have. That's fine. They're my nails. I like them, and I like them this shape for a reason. They make my short stumpy fingers look longer and in my opinion more elegant. After another rude comment or two in came the Calvary. The awesome people who have no problem speaking up to bullies. Just saying "hey no need to be rude about it" 
I dunno this was my first real brush with this kind of a thing. Trying not to take it personally. But it's hard not to take someone bashing a part of your body personally. Kudos to all the awesome people who stepped up to the plate though. You know who you are, and you are awesome. 

Oh Red nail polish, how I love thee. 
This is a great shimmery red with a blue flash to it. This was from the pack of four minis from Nicole. 
This was two coats!

This is
Personal Accents - "Red"

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