Saturday, March 8, 2014

Julep - Adele

Hey guys,

So when the Olympics ended my cubicle mate was all "Well at least you still have the Paralympics to look forward to" What a smart cookie, In all honesty I hadn't even thought of watching the Paralympics. Now that being said there is much less coverage of the Paralympics than there is of the Olympics.
That being said I am hooked. It is incredibly inspiring to see these athletes get to compete. I've already teared up several times, and Canada is KILLING it in Sledge Hockey right now.

You can probably expect to see a Paralympics inspired mani soon. haha

I don't think I'm alone when just thinking of the name Adele makes me want to belt out a horribly off tune rendition of an Adele song. Am I right?
So this is a orangey-copper micro glitter polish. Coverage was actually spectacular here.
This is one coat over Julep - Helen (I think anyways)

This is
Julep - Adele
over Julep - Helen (I think)

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  1. Very pretty glitter! Love the shape of your nails!



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