Monday, March 10, 2014

March Bestie Twin Nails Challenge: Galaxy

Hey guys,

Woo so are you guys ready for Week TWO of Bestie Twin nails?? I was so excited and stoked with the way last week's nails turned out. Part of me was super worried we would wind up with the EXACT same nails. Okay that would have been neat and a little bit scary. I often think that Melissa and I are two halves of the same crazy rainbow and glitter covered coin. Yeah that's right, you heard me.

Anyways it was awesome. So I am very excited for this.
This week's theme was Galaxy nails.

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I have never done Galaxy nails before, WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG?! 
Not only was this actually really easy to do, I LOVE the way it turned out. 
So I started with a regular old Galaxy manicure (it was awesome) then I was like okay I never know when to stop myself or leave well enough alone, I added a TARDIS! Yes I'm a nerd.
Also for as many weird random toys I have (because I'm secretly a five year old) I couldn't find anything that was overly spacey to hold. (Melissa always has the coolest props) So I figured Doctor Whooves would have to work. (yes Melissa I took him out of the box, it's what I do) The fact this is the second MLP prop I have used was unintentional. There won't be one next week. 

For this I used
Cult Nails -Time Traveler (appropriate right??)
Cult Nails - Princess
Zoya - Aurora
Supernatural Lacquer - Aurora Borealis

I've included pics with and without flash, so you can see how sparkly it was.

Boom, and now WITH THE TARDIS

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  1. Crap - I need to fix the cropping of that header for next time, what is up with that white bar. Grrrr. Also I love the TARDIS! You should have given me that version hehehe. <3


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