Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sally Hansen - Fuzzy Fantasy

Hey guys,

So while I was in Palm Springs, Nicole and I went to CVS because I needed to buy lip balm and nail supplies. While I was there I picked up 2 polishes, I had seen the Fuzzy Coat polishes around and had been curious but hadn't looked too hard for them in stores. So I decided to go for it and grab one.

Normally bar glitter is not my thing. Although I've come to realize that there seems to be a couple kinds of bar glitter - thicker and more sturdy bar glitter that is a pain in the butt and always wants to stick up. And the thinner almost softer bar glitter that is easy to work with. This bar glitter definitely falls into the latter category.
I wasn't sure how this would build up so I decided to take pictures at a bunch of different coats. I think I prefer one coat the best.

This is
Sally Hansen - Fuzzy Fantasy
over Julep - Eva

1 Coat

2 coats

3 coats

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