Sunday, March 16, 2014

Supernatural Lacquer - Fight The Fairies!

Hey guys,

So yesterday I decided to get to work on my Netflix queue a little bit, finally watched Wuthering Heights with Tom Hardy in it. First off, after watching a really crappy thriller where sexy Colin O'Donoghue gets his face eaten by an alien (if it wasn't the end of the movie I would have just shut it off there because really, there was no other reason to watch it) I felt very cultured watching Wuthering Heights. Second, Tom Hardy is a FOX. 

Today I have a great polish from Supernatural Lacquer to show you guys, you know how I feel about white based crelly glitter polishes. ALL THE LOVE! This one is perfect for St. Patrick's Day if you're feeling more sassy than straight green polish and too lazy to bang out some crazy nail art.

This was 4 thin coats. The stars took some fishing but nothing bad!
You could get away with one or two coats if you layered it over white but I love the built up look.

This is
Supernatural - Fight the Fairies!

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