Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A England Ballerina Collection

Hey guys

So yesterday I made the epic mistake of taking an Advil Cold & Sinus pill for my head cold. Did it work? Yep, it also made me high as a kite. Surefire sign I should never ever try my hand at hard drugs, not that I ever planned on doing that anyways, but you know what I mean. I definitely had to go home at lunch and sleep it off. Then brave the world for Florida Georgia Line which was AWESOME. One of the guys behind us somehow managed to drop his cellphone IN his beer while the lid was ON. What is this sorcery?!

Today I have the whole A England Ballerina collection to show you guys. I was going to post these separately but they are all so similar I figured it would be helpful to see them all side by side. Honestly as much as I love A England, I don't know if you really need each of these unless you are a hoarder like me. The holo in all of these is about the same. Fairly weak but pretty.
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So first up we have the most unique of the group this is the periwinkle blue-silver holo. Like usual with A England this had a great formula. This was two coats.

 Dancing with Nureyev


This is the "ice blue-silver" holo in the group. Honestly compared to the others I just see this one as straight up silver. This may be my least favourite of the group but only because I have a zillion silver holos. This was two coats.

Encore Margot

Next up is the Lilac-silver holo polish, this one looks very similar to Encore Margot, you can really only see the difference when the two are side by side. I think that is my biggest problem with this collection is that there are two very similar polishes in the same collection. This was two coats.


Last we have the pink-silver holo. This was the other stand out in the group, still fairly similar to Fonteyn & Encore Margot. But this is a pretty pink with a gentle holo. Same formula and application here. This is two coats.
 Her Rose Adagio

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