Friday, April 4, 2014

Spellbound Nails - Sugar 'n Spice

Hey guys,

So I am so excited because in a couple hours I'm going to be picking my cousin up from the airport, I know I have been jabbering on non stop about this but I am so stoked. We've always lived provinces away from each other but we spent so many summers growing up being joined at the hip! Even though we are incredibly different people we are always on the same wavelength. Sorry, sappy cousin moment there. Sidebar - it smells like burnt toast in my house right now.... gross... I feel like maybe I should go check to make sure nothing is actually on fire.

I have one of my favourite type of polishes to show you guys! A white based glitter!!! Oh man how I love this type of indie glitter. This is a beauty from Spellbound nails. This is a blue and pink glitter mix in a white base. I had this sitting upside down for a while and I didn't have to do any fishing.
This is two coats.

This is
Spellbound Nails - Sugar 'n Spice

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