Thursday, April 17, 2014

Zoya - Tomoko

Hey guys,

Hallelujah for long weekends, I feel like I've needed a long weekend for a while now. It would be even better if we got Monday off too, but alas I do not work for the government.

So originally I wanted to post all the Zoya Pixiedusts I have in my untrieds together or at least in a string, but they keep getting pushed in favour of other polishes with higher priorities so this is the only one I have swatched right now. This is a golden cream textured polish. I really like this one it is kind of similar to Godiva but leans a bit more gold I believe. I need to swatch them side by side.
This was 2 coats.

This is
Zoya - Tomoko

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  1. Oh how I love gold texture <3 I have a very similar textured gold polish by GOSH, and I can't stop wearing it!


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