Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nicole by OPI - Sand In My Shoe

Hey guys,

So when I woke up this morning there was part of me that sort of hoped that I would feel terrible so I could call in sick and sleep all day, and when I woke up I was feeling better than yesterday so dang. No sleeping all day but I was rocking a sex worker's voice all day. It's one of those things when people keep asking if you are sick, and you're like "Uhh I was like WAYYY more sick yesterday"

Today I have the other Roughles polish to show you guys. I actually had to swatch this one twice since the original time I wore it I photographed it in the morning and when I went and looked at the pictures and there was mascara all up in the grit of this polish. Downside to textured? I guess so. 
Anyways this is a yellow with orange flecks.
This was two coats.

This is
Nicole by OPI - Sand In My Shoe


  1. omg, so cute *-*
    i follow you, check out my blog and follow me back, if you like.

  2. Kind of want. Surprisingly cute. :3


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