Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Julep - Farrah

Hey guys,

Today I ordered I a new cell phone case, that is shaped like a WHALE. I'm actually pretty excited, normally I think the big oversized phone cases (the big rubber character ones) are a bit much, right now my phone is rocking a slim black case with a mustache on it. You guys know how much I love mustaches. Anyways google "Whale Lee" I can't wait!

So a while back I got a mobile notification that Farrah was on sale for 50% or something like that. Of course I can't say no to  good deal, plus this polish was from a Maven box I declined so I was kind of inclined to see what I missed out on. This is what Julep calls a "Silk" finish, which is a matte shimmer. "Satin" is a matte creme, got that straight? I have so many of this lilac purple colour, yet I have a hard time saying no to it. (I have pretty much the exact same colour in a normal shine finish to show you guys tomorrow) Yes I have a problem. I like awesome deals and nail polish. Anyways formula on this one was good. Your standard 2 coats. Dry time on this was good because of the finish.

This is
Julep - Farrah

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