Thursday, April 3, 2014

A England - Briarwood

Hey guys,

So has anyone tried a Konjac sponge? I have been seeing them everywhere. They look great, but if anyone has used one please comment below, I would love people's feedback before I shell out some dough and buy one. 

So a couple months back I finally got my A England collection back up to being able to say I HAVE THEM ALL (please Adina, no more releases for a couple months my bank account begs you) Briarwood is part of the Burne-Jone's Dream collection but it was a late release in the collection so I didn't get it at the same time as the rest. This is a rusty burgundy that is a bit duochromey and has a light holo to it (see the flash pic at the bottom) Great smooth application. This is two coats.

This is
A England - Briarwood

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