Monday, April 21, 2014

Cinema Swatch - Allie

Hey guys,

Today I have my very first Cinema Swatch polish for you guys. Recently they released a collection inspired by The Notebook, including a Noah/Allie duo. Well at the initial time of release they didn't ship to Canada, but shortly afterwards the Noah/Allie duo had sold out they began international shipping. So about a month ago on their IG they put out a notice that there was a very limited amount of Noah and Allie polishes that had been stocked in the shop. Well I managed to get my hands on Allie, but not Noah.

So I really like how adorable this bottle is, on the flip side I HATE the brush, the lid makes it hard to handle, and the wide mouth on the bottle for 1- makes me nervous because I just have visions of myself knocking it over. And 2- It seemed to make the polish goopy VERY fast. This is a lilac purple full of flecks which refused to show up on camera. This was a huge pain to apply since it got goopy very quickly.
This was 3 coats.

This is
Cinema Swatch - Allie

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