Saturday, April 19, 2014

A England - Excalibur 2013

Hey guys,

So today I went to the SPCA with my bestie and her parents to look at potentially adopting a dog for her. Holy crap, I just want to take them all home and snuggle them. We didn't wind up finding anyone perfect for Nicole, but it was still exciting to go and look. 

So in 2012 A England re-released their Holy Grail polish with a updated version, and last year they did the same with their Excalibur polish shade. Click here for the original swatch. They didn't wind up discontinuing the old one, but here is the new one, we shall call it Excalibur 2013. This one has a lot more dimension to it, it actually reminded me a bit of OPI Designer De Better. Great application and coverage.
This was two coats.

This is
A England - Excalibur (2013)

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