Friday, February 15, 2013

TV Inspired: Battlestar Galactica

Hey guys,

So good news! my frankening supplies came and somehow what was in my mind actually made it into the bottles! Originally I had planned exactly how I was going to distribute them, because I only ordered enough bottles to make 4 of each. Well my initial plan was to surprise my new buddy Melissa from Claw of Cthulhu with a bottle of a couple (well as much as you can surprise someone after having asked for their address) So sorry Melissa, maybe if I make a second batch.

Alright! Moving on! Today's manicure is Geek-certified by my coach's husband Brendan. Our inspiration today is Battlestar Galactica the newer one obviously. My Dad and I still haven't settled the debate over which one is better (the new one obviously.... sexy men galore) 
We have Starbuck's tattoo, a cylon face, the BSG logo (a bit sloppy but whatever) & a cylon spine. If you follow me on instagram (puckzilla23) you can dig through my pics to find me in my Cylon t-shirt. But thats neither here nor there

For this I used

Sally Hansen - Black Out
Avon - Beam
Orly Instant Artist - Fiery Red & Crisp White

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  1. Oh my gosh! You are too sweet (and freaking awesome), before I talk about how awesome you are, can we talk about how awesome Battlestar Galactica is?! I love all the symbols you picked! (Hey girl, have you seen the Starbuck/Sam necklace on ThinkGeek yet?! Want!) You can spot me in a BSG or WTF (What The Frack) shirt at cons, haha!

    Anyway, seriously I am SO looking forward to your franken projects! It would be pretty damn cool if I got a bottle but hey, even the thought and intention is so sweet of you. :D :D :D I'm looking out for your swatches in the meantime and be sure to plug anyone else's swatches of the other bottles too. :)


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