Sunday, February 10, 2013

TV Inspired: One Tree Hill

Hey guys,

So today's manicure belongs to my all time favourite show One Tree Hill, I've talked about this before (heck I did a whole OTH series last year. I still can't believe this is the first TV season without it. I really can't think too hard about it or I get all choked up (I was pretty damn committed, even have an OTH inspired tattoo) 
Anyways so I wanted this to be different than any of the manicures I did last year. So this one is a bit more artsy. This was my first time trying out striping tape. So far in my opinion it's kind of a pain. It worked well on the black polish but wanted to pull up the white.

For this I used
OPI - Call Me Gwen-ever
NYX - Sunset Blvd
Bed Head - Master Mind
NYX - Titanic
Sally Hansen - Black Out

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