Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TV Inspired: White Collar

Hey guys,

I'm typing this while I watch The Lion King and Mufasa just died... ack! Sorry had to get that out of my system. Pretty much anyone who is a Disney fan with sympathize with this.

Today's manicure comes devoted to one of my new favourite shows. This was one my coach Jacquie has been telling me that I have to watch for a long time now. Well I finally did and holy crap! Love it.
White Collar, I wanted to keep this pretty clean and simple because when you see any of the promo material for this show, it more or less is just black, white, blue & Matt Bomer. Perfection.

For this I used
OPI - Step Right Up
Sally Hansen - Black Out
Bed Head - Master Mind
Art Club - Neon Blue
Orly Instant Artist - Blue J


  1. OMG your shirt nails are always super cute. This is no exception.

    ... Also Matt Boner-I mean Bomer is on this show?! No one told me this!!!

    1. You're the sweetest! Looks like I have been doing a lot of them though! They just seem to be working well lately.


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