Thursday, February 21, 2013

TV Inspired: Duck Dynasty

Hey guys,

 Today's manicure is Duck Dynasty okay so I f*cking LOVE this show. The first time I saw the preview I was like wow really? But never do I laugh as hard as I do watching this. I am so in love with the Robertson clan, and honestly one of my favourite things about this show is the respect that the kids show their parents and grandparents. I'm sorry but that kind of respect doesn't happen often these days. Love it, and I really loved getting to hang out with my cousins and just all laugh our asses off this past November during a DD marathon. The new rule is if you don't love it you can just GTFO of our family. BOOM.

Sorry I love it. Now you probably won't see that many American flags from me, not that I have any problem with that at all it just seems weird to be walking around with the stars and stripes on my nails, although This was my Presidents Day manicure so that seemed fitting. So here we have camo and of course one of Willie's bandannas (I couldn't draw a duck to save my life but in hindsight I should have drawn a beard!)

For this I used

OPI - Stranger Tides
China Glaze - Agro
China Glaze - Mahogany Magic
Bed Head - Master Mind
Cult Nails - Time Traveler
Orly Instant Artist in Crisp White & Fiery Red
Essie - Matte About You


  1. We think this show is hilarious too! I really like the matte finish ~

  2. I actually super love this one - the matte finish is a good choice to boot!


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