Monday, February 4, 2013

TV Inspired: New Girl

Hey guys,

So up today we have a New Girl inspired manicure. For the longest time there was no way you would get me to watch New Girl, I wanted nothing to do with it. Yes I love Max Greenfield but not enough to watch this show. Well I finally caved in to peer pressure and it really did not take that long before I was completely obsessed with it. And then one day while my friends and I were sitting on our horses chilling in the middle of the arena talking about New Girl and my coach pointed this out

Yep, Rock was Schmidt the douchey but good hearted one. Breezer was Nick, the defacto leader. Dodger was Winston, the token black dude. It's a true story.

Anyways this mani comes from Jess' rant about touching glitter and rocking a lot of polka dots.

For this I used
Nails Inc - Carnaby Street
Sephora by OPI - It's Totally Karma
Sally Hansen - Black Out
Zoya - Whitney
OPI - Fly
Bed Head - Mastermind

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