Saturday, February 16, 2013

TV Inspired: The Vampire Diaries

Hey guys,

So our manicure today is The Vampire Diaries.
Here's a fun fact: I went to high school with Sara Canning who plays Aunt Jenna in the first couple seasons. We had a drama class together. She's probably one of the nicest people. 
That being said now that Elena is all over Damon I'm not very impressed. I tend to fall for the super broody good guys, it disgusts my friend Jill but it also means that we never usually fight over guys.

So here I have the Salvatores Day ring (thats an S not a $ just for the record) and Elena's locket.
Along with some super cheesy vamp teeth. I also took this opportunity to use one of my polishes I made.

For this I used:
Sally Hansen - Black Out
Bed Head - Master Mind
Orly - Stone Cold
Nails Inc - Trafalgar Square
Avon - Silver
Hoof Polish - Matinee Rouge
Orly Instant Artist in Jet Black & Fiery Red


  1. Love it!! Such a fun mani dear :)

  2. That vampire fang thumb is my favourite thing ever. I might have to do ALL MY NAILS LIKE THAT for Halloween.


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