Saturday, February 9, 2013

TV Inspired: Chuck

Hey guys,
So quick blurb before I get into today's post.
If you haven't noticed already I have posted a link to my stash spreadsheet in the pages above. It's not as detailed as my spreadsheet I keep on my desktop and there really isn't any ryhme or reason to the way I split it up by sheets. I'll probably continually be tweaking this so keep checking. Or don't thats cool too, I promise I won't be mad.
Second is that I have grand plans to make up a few of my own indie polishes, I haven't decided whether I want to make them for mass consumption or not, it'll really depend on how things work out. I already have all my ideas and inspirations in place. To start I'm only making 4 different ones, and I've only gotten enough to make 4 bottles of each (didn't want to get in over my head) So watch for swatches some time in March!
To the polish! Today's manicure is inspired by none other than one of my Top 10 fave shows of all time. Chuck there is just nothing about that show I don't love. It's another one that should have lasted longer, but on the flip-side at least this way it didn't wind up burnt out like so many great shows.

For this I used
Bed Head - Master Mind
Island Girl - "Tarzan"
Essie - Lacquered Up
Orly Instant Artist in Jet Black & Crisp White
Art Club - Yellow
Quo Instant Artist - Red

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  1. Chuck was one of my favourite shows too! But I think it went downhill after Chuck and Sarah got together. I just wanted to OTP/ship them forever without them actually getting together, LOL. Luckily Castle is still doing well even though the Caskett is very much in full gear!!!


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