Saturday, February 23, 2013

TV Inspired: Nip/Tuck

Hey guys,

First off I just want to say that I am a huge failure at a self-imposed no-buy. Seriously, lets never do this again. I've been trying to be good, I have serious impulse control problems. More on my short comings next month though.

My manicure today is inspired by one seriously screwed up yet totally awesome shows: Nip/Tuck
I loved this show (got a bit old towards the end, but hey that happens to most) it was totally screwed up and bizarre, but so awesome. Anyways this was pretty simple but follows in the vein of the opening credits

For this I used
Bed Head - Mastermind
Quo Instant Artist - Red
Orly Instant Artist - Black
Avon - Silver

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  1. I think we did OK at No Buy! I mean, obviously we broke the rules but had it been a regular month, it would have been a lot worse! I think I spent about $40 on polish this month. THAT'S USUALLY PRETTY GOOD FOR ME. I am going to try and keep my polish spending low though. I've been pretty good at not buying big brand polishes but it's Rainbow Honey that always gets me. GODDAMNIT.


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