Friday, January 20, 2012

Ariel Manicure

So when Jill spent New Years in Hawaii she brought me back two polishes from her travels,
these are Island Girl polishes. From the research I've done they're only available from ABC Stores that are located in Hawaii and apparently Las Vegas (I will be keeping my eyes peeled next time I head to Vegas) and are supposed to be super good priced. After trying these out there's a good chance that Chelsea may have sweet talked her lovely friend Nicole (not my Nicole... different Nicole... a bit confusing) into picking us up some more. I sure hope she does. That would be delightful!!!
this is the display pic Jill texted me.

All I can say is.... *DROOL*
Anyways with the polishes she brought me I thought what better colours to use in my Ariel nails? Even though Ariel is supposed to be Dutch... we're going to overlook that fact and pretend she lives in Hawaii.

These polishes dried with a sort of satin finish (exactly like Orly Passionfruit which I am STILL trying to find in my house) I wanted to show you before I threw a top coat on 

This is my first sponge on gradient. I got better as I went along. Also I still don't have a dotter tool so I was using the end of a paint brush... I'm not sure what I was going for on the thumb there so I didn't bother doing it on my other thumb (I've included both pics) The purple is Sparitual - Thunder Road the same as in the Rapunzel Manicure.

I'll be trying the sponge gradient again!! I think I got the technique down. And if you're wondering why my nail beds are shiny it's just vaseline. yay for moisturizing!!

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