Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My First Water Marble

Okay so I've been wanting to try a water marble for a long time. Ever since I saw the technique in a Teen People Magazine like 10 years ago. So today when Nail Polish Canada posted a link to Colores de Carol's Nicki Minaj water marble manicure.
I had to try it considering that I had recieved these coloirs in the mail on friday.
So disclaimer: This is my first water marble, I really had no clue what I was doing, it took me a while to hit my stride. I did my best to clean things up but will try to post updated pics tomorrow after I absent mindedly clean the polish of my skin at work tomorrow. (Thats pretty much just the way it works)
All in all I think it turned out pretty neat for my first try.

Colours used:
OPI Pink Friday
OPI Did It On 'Em
Basecoat: OPI Nail Envy Matte/Essie Blanc
Top Coat: Seche Vite
This was my first hand that I did, I'm also aware my fingers are green.

This was the second hand... it's probably the best minus my middle finger. Water bubble. Thats all I'm saying about that sucker.

Love the ring finger.

Green thumb?? Will my plants start to grow now?

Love this one.

Not too bad all in all.... next time at least I'll have an idea what I'm doing. I'll also be TAPING off my fingers. :)

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  1. I vote for another water marble with darker colours...maybe purples?!?! PLEASE?


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