Saturday, January 28, 2012

GOSH - Black Passion

I was out shopping the other day and decided to splurge on some polishes I had been wanting for a while. This story in a nut shell is why I prefer to feed my polish habit by buying online.
So as I deposited my polishes on the counter (note this was at a Salon not a drugstore or anything like that) and I had 3 reds in my haul. (OPI Big Apple Red, I'm Not Really A Waitress, Wocka Wocka!) and the guy asked me if I wanted to try them out to see which one I wanted and when I said I wanted them all he gave me that look that just screams "Are you a whack job? They're all red." Just shut up and take my money Bud! Grr.
Anyways thank you all my fellow Polish-a-holics that understand my love of reds and agree that HELLLOOOOO They're all different!

Anyways on with the show, here is a beauty I picked up a few weeks ago spur of the moment.
GOSH - Black Passion.

It's delightful. I love black. I pretty much spent my teen years wearing nothing but black on my nails. What can I say I was a teenage stereotype.
This is unlike any black I've ever owned while I'm sure it's not the only black shimmer out there. It's the first I've tried and I LOOOOOOVE it.

I also decided it's beautiful as a matte-suedey colour <3


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  1. haha that made me laugh "just take my money bud!"
    great colour. I never see pretty colours like this in my GOSH line in my town. so annoying. Lovely colour!


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