Sunday, January 8, 2012

Belle Manicure

So this past week I was talking to Chelsea about trying to find the Disney Designer Princess Polishes on eBay. For those who don't know me I am one of the biggest Disney freaks ever. So checking eBay I found the 10 piece set for about $60 not including shipping which was at least $10 so roughly $7 a bottle. Not too pricey, but considering this whole set retailed for $20 something in me said "No" so I let the polishes go. In talking to Miss Chelsea we decided why the heck couldn't I do Princess inspired nails??
So in honour of Beauty and the Beast coming out in 3D this month the first princess I decided to feature is Belle, Belle is one of my top two favourite Princesses (the other to be revealed later).

So I grabbed Orly Hook Up, One of the prettiest yellow shimmers I've ever seen.

And Layla Magneffect in Golden Nugget

And Color Club Take the Stage

Now the idea behind using the magnetic polish on the accent finger was to represent her iconic dress. However I wish the colour was more gold. I don't think it looks bad persay but I do think it looks out of place. I used the glitter on the tips of all the yellow nails, while using more on my thumb nail.

After taking these pictures I tried going over the magnetic polish with a thin coat of Hook Up to see if the effect would show through. Nope no go so I'm going to have to re-do my finger and I'll probably just re-do it in the yellow with glitter tips.

Overall I quite like this. Stay tuned to see which Princess is next!
Final Result


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