Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Champagne & Black Crackle

Story That I've Been Promising:
So a few nights ago I went out for dinner with Miss Jill, (Famoso, it was DELICIOUS and now I want Famoso. As of this moment I could live on their Quattro Formaggio pizza) then headed back to my place to watch movies (My Life In Ruins & Captain America incase you needed to know) So while I am painting my nails, Jill also decides to paint her nails.
First she pulls out about 5 polishes and decides she wants to do polka dots.
One swipe of a light pink polish and this is the conversation:

Jill: WTF this isn't pink!
Me: Not one coat of it, no.
Jill: Well forget this I'm not even going to finish.

So then she proceeds to remove the polish off of the two fingers she painted.
Then she glances over at my nails.

Jill: Oooh Pretty! Maybe I want Sparkles.
Me: Well this one is really sparkly.

I hand her CG Lorelei's Tiara. She proceeds to paint her entire hand.Then looks at it with disdain.

Jill: This is not working for me.
Me: Well it works better with a base colour.
Jill: You didn't tell me that!
Me: Sorry, I thought you knew.

So once again she proceeds to go through the painful process of removing glitter polish as I roll my eyes at her indecision (which all who know Jill know is pretty common).

Jill: maybe I just want naked nails.
Me: Okay. sounds good.

Then she glances over at my nails.

Jill: Thats really pretty howcome you didn't give me any ideas like that?
Me: Sorry?
Jill: I just want mellow nails.
Me: So do like a light purple with a matte top coat.
Jill: You can do that?
Me: *a look that says "you doubt me?"* yep.
Jill: Will you paint them for me?
Me: Yes

So I painted her nails. Within seconds she manages to put her thumb in the other thumb's wet polish.  So after I fix this then finish.

Jill: You missed a spot.

So that was the story of what happened while these nails came into existance.
Without further adeiu.

So I started with OPI Designer De Better from the Muppets collection.
It's a great champagne colour that at first I thought had flecks of pink in it but upon further inspection what I thought was pink is actually copper. So gorgeous.

After two coats of OPI DDB, 1 coat of China Glaze Black Mesh.
Seal with 1 coat of SV and you get the following.

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