Saturday, January 14, 2012

NYX Titanic

Hello my pretties... the whole handful of you :)
Yes I am clearly in a good mood today.
So because yesterday's post blew because I was doing about a million things (updating books on my Kobo, updating music on my iPod, etc.) and then it was all time to go for dinner.
Okay so first yesterday on the way home from work I had to go fill Stanley's tank (Stanley is my car for all who don't know. He is awesome.) then randomly decided to stop by Save On to see if there were any NYX polishes I liked. Note about NYX: This stuff is awesome good quality make up for like super cheap. even cheaper if you have a Save More card (which I finally do!) and for some reason Save On (grocery store) is the only place we've found that carries it (so far anyways).
So I round the corner on the NYX polish and see this:
NYX POLISH: $5.99 with the yellow Save More sticker CARD PRICE: $1.99
Yes I had died and gone to Polish heaven.

I picked up 6 colours. Blood, Snow White, Sunset Blvd, Fire, Dancing Queen and Titanic.
for $13!!!! I saved $24!!!

Now I think I will save the Jill story for when I post the nails I did while that story occurred. Sorry Jill, tomorrow I promise.

Anyways here is NYX Titanic.
Now first let me tell you that the name of this polish almost made me NOT buy it. I was severely scarred as a child by the movie Titanic and will refuse to watch it for the rest of my life.
This colour however is wonderful. Almost an exact dupe for Essie Aruba Blue. (more on that later)

This polish is amazing it was almost totally perfect in 1 single coat. This is 2 coats.

So remember how I said it was almost an exact dupe for Essie Aruba Blue
My pinkie in these pics are AB. It's like half a shade lighter. You can't tell from far away and probably wouldn't tell unless you were really looking for it.

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