Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mystery Revealed!

So a couple posts back I talked about how I had picked up some special colours to do a post especially for my older "sista-from-anotha-mista" Chelsea, bahaha thats going to gross her out. So Chelsea's fave colour is definitely purple. One of her LEAST favourite people on the planet is Justin Bieber (okay thats probably a stretch... but I'm guessing he's probably in her bottom 50 at least)
So me, being a nerd thinks the best thing ever is to do a manicure devoted both to Chelsea and Justin Bieber! (I am a fan btw)
So these were the two polishes I picked up.
Prized Possession Purple & One Less Lonely Glitter
both from Nicole by OPI's Justin Bieber line.

The polish goes on a little thin so this is 3 coats of Prized Possession Purple and 1 coat of One Less Lonely glitter on the ring fingers.
It's beautiful, I love it and will be singing JB songs for the rest of the day.

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