Monday, May 12, 2014

Dollish Polish - Crystal Empire

Hey guys,

So unreal game tonight. Way to pull out a win Habs! Woo hoo! Sorry I'm excited. Today was a crazy day, we went out for lunch to say farewell to one of my coworkers but because it was a longer lunch, it felt like a Friday, and as a result I had very little motivation for the rest of the day. And then I cried laughing at this stupid thing then thought I may have been going crazy, but then my coworker also cried laughing at it so I felt better.

So initially when this was released I didn't pick it up, I think it came out around the same time that I had just invested in Rainbow Honey's whole MLP collection so I figured I had enough MLP inspired polishes, well clearly I changed my mind. I actually love this one. It's a mixture of blue, purple, pink glitters of all shapes and sizes. This may not have been the best colour to swatch it over since there were pink square glitters in it the exact same shade of pink but it was so pretty. The big stars, moons & circles weren't actually that hard to fish out. This is two coats over OPI - Kiss Me I'm Brazilian

This is
Dollish Polish - Crystal Empire
over OPI - Kiss Me I'm Brazilian

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  1. This looks really good over the OPI - I love the stars in it :-)


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