Thursday, May 29, 2014

Julep - Priscilla - May Birthstone

Hey guys,

So yesterday I received a package in the mail from my beautiful girl Melissa and it was FULL of awesome polishes and the sweetest letter (on the raddest Batman stationary) that made me cry. I can't wait to show you guys the polishes I got! I need my stubby nails to grow out a bit! All week I've been trying to wear polishes I have already swatched so they can at least grow for a couple days before I start photographing their sad little butts.

I have the May birthstone from Julep to show you guys today! This is a beautiful glittering emerald full coverage glitter, very much in the vein of Betty from January. I am so happy to see another full coverage glitter here. I wish they all were like this. This was two coats.

This is
Julep - Priscilla


  1. What a gorgeous green glitter! Stunning :-)

  2. You had the greatest reaction video - I had to show my mum because it was so cute. Also OMFG I WANT THAT EMERALD POLISH SO BAD LKJSADFFIOEWFIO


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