Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nicole by OPI - Rock The Look

Hey guys,

So I have been mucking around on all night since my first box came (I'll post it soon!) and writing a bunch of reviews for products, I almost forgot to blog! Also I went on an awful date tonight, some people's children - I swear. In good news - Habs beat the Bruins so they move on to the next round! Whoop!

I have the last Roughles polish to show you guys today, this is the pinky-peachy one. I actually hate the name on this one, just not as clever as the other ones. This is a light pink with darker pink flecks and some darker purple flecks. Nice application, this is two coats.

This is
Nicole by OPI - Rock The Look

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  1. This is a pretty pink - I like the different colours of flecks :-)


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