Monday, May 26, 2014

Supernatural Lacquer - Yellow Eyed Demon

Hey guys,

So today I started listening to the audiobook for Helter Skelter at work today, it's the story of the Manson Murders. It is ridiculously creepy but totally fascinating. I love true crime books but they have to be audiobooks and I have to listen to them at work or I get scared. I'm such a wimp.

Oh and I totally stepped on a piece of glass today first thing in the morning. Not fun, hope no one notices the blood on the carpet. Whoops.

I have another of the Supernatural polishes to show you today! I have been looking forward to this polish for a while now. It's a neon yellow with black glitter. Based on the character of Azazel who at the beginning is known as the yellow eyed demon. It wasn't long after I ordered it when I got a message from Stefanie from Supernatural Lacquer (she is the sweetest!) saying that she noticed that despite passing several time and wear tests and being solvent resistant, some of the black glitter was now silver. So my bottle of YED was a bit blingy. She offered to replace it with another colour if I didn't want it. I wanted this so bad I decided it didn't matter, then we both agreed that Azazel was a bit sassy and would probably enjoy the bling.
This may pop a bit more over a white base coat but I like it this way. This is three coats with topcoat (it dries matte)

This is
Supernatural Lacquer - Yellow Eyed Demon

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  1. What a cool name and a nice looking polish.

    Ouch hope your foot is okay.


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