Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Julep Maven Box

Hey guys,

So a couple months ago Julep announced their crowdfunded campaign for their new Plie wand which they stated would revolutionize the way you apply polish. You could choose several levels if you wanted to donate each with different rewards or incentives. One of the levels was you could pre-pay for your May Julep box. I figured I was going to wind up getting this wand anyways and would likely get my box so that was the level I chose. At first Julep was going to be changing the caps of all their polishes to make them compatible with the wand. This threw people into a tizzy, the idea of changing the caps or having mismatching caps was not their best idea. However they changed the design and made it compatible with the current caps. Good job Julep.

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Plie Wand

So the beauty of the plie wand is that is long and balanced like how you would write with a pen which gives you better control. Generally it works easier to keep it straight when used in your dominant hand then when you switch over to your non-dominant hand you can twist it so it is bent and you can cradle it in your hand.

In my opinion it didn't make much of a difference for me in my dominant hand but I did find it easier to not make a mess when I used it in my non-dominant hand.
Do I think it has changed my life? No.
Do I think it is kind of neat? Yes.
Will I use it every time I use a Julep polish? Unlikely.

I think if you have a hard time not making a mess when you paint your nails this may be the solution for you.

golden apricot shimmer 
I need to invest in some more polish thinner because this was pretty thick and goopy for me. Still a beautiful colour.
This was 3 coats .

golden pink taffeta shimmer
I love this pink/gold shimmer polish it was perfectly summery.
This was 2 coats.

pink, silver, holographic glitter
So as a gift for crowdfunding I found Yumi in my box.
This is 1 coat over CG - Keep Calm, Paint On 

What do you think would you take a chance on the Plie wand?

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  1. Laree and Yumi look stunning! Not so keen on Saaya - not really my kind of colour!


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