Monday, June 23, 2014

Anna Sui - Midnight Purple

Hey guys,

So a couple weeks back when I got my package in the mail from Melissa I freaked out when I saw that inside were two limited edition Anna Sui Minnie Mouse polishes. First off I finally had some pretty Anna Sui polishes in their pretty bottles and on top of that these ones were DISNEY THEMED! I could not have been more excited.

So this is the first of two, this is a gorgeous purple. I don't feel like this is super ground breaking but it was so beautiful with such a nice shimmer. Apparently rose scented polishes are an Anna Sui signature, I HATED IT. I don't know what it was but It was driving my crazy.
Great application, nice and smooth. This was two coats.

This is
Anna Sui - Midnight Purple


  1. Oh wow this purple is stunning! I love it :-D

  2. Packaging > Polish on these guys but I still dig that rose scent. MMMM.


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