Monday, June 2, 2014

Wall-E Manicure

Hey guys,

Wow so June 2nd already, guess that means the count down to Summer, like actual real summer is on. Seems so weird due to the unending winter we had (I swear I'm paranoid , I haven't even put my winter boots away) I heard the first thunder of the year yesterday (well that I've heard) ugh. I hate thunder.

So I have been sitting on this manicure for a while, maybe because I am not 100% thrilled with it. I was watching Wall-e. I guess at the time I wasn't up to attempting Wall-E himself but I did Eve, the glowing organic life sign, Wall-E's little cockroach buddy (who lets face it, is one of the best parts of the movie) and then I tried to replicate the planet silhouette on the cover but totally over did it. Oh well overall it certainly isn't the worst.


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