Thursday, June 5, 2014

Julep - Cara

Hey guys,

So my nubs are finally getting to a point where they are not horribly awfully short but they still make me sad. I miss my long claws! Cursed broken nails. Although it's bizarre to have both my hands at a fairly uniform length, although my poor Cinderella hand nails are so weak.

Recently Julep has been catching a lot of hell from their customers for crummy shipping speeds, and lately Julep boxes coming in plain brown boxes with no packing. I haven't received my Julep box for this month yet, and so far I have always had good experiences with Julep. Any interaction with customer service has always been pleasant and helpful. I know people just like to complain but I find Julep customers excessively whiney. Anyways I'll keep you updated when I receive my box. 

This was a polish I got from my bestie Nicole, it's a candy red with pink tones. Over all not super ground breaking as far as a colour goes but nice application and a pretty colour. This was two coats.
This is
Julep - Cara

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  1. I think it's a pretty red colour - kinda Christmas like :-)


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