Monday, June 9, 2014

Julep - Courteney

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I thought I would have time to post in the evening but the night just wound up getting away from me. Yesterday I decided to take up Pyrography as a bit of a hobby (doesn't that just sound cool??) and impressively only burnt the absolute crap out of my finger once which I find rather impressive because I'm pretty impatient and when working with really hot tools, impatience is NOT good. Anyways turns out it's pretty cool. By no means can I do anything too fancy but I have been making stall signs for the horses in my barn, so far I've been pretty excited about the result.

I have a very springy green to show you today, this is a bright lime green. I was actually really pleased with this green, as I don't have much exactly like this in my collection. I have a lot of slightly lighter polishes and lots of brighter greens. Nice application here too. This is two coats.

This is
Julep - Courteney

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  1. What a lovely green very bright and happy :-)


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