Friday, June 20, 2014

Deborah Lippmann - Forsaken: Sookie Sookie Set

Hey guys,

So a few months ago I found two Deborah Lippmann sets I had been lusting over for months. I've said it before, but I am a total sucker for anything tying into anything I fangirl over. So while the polishes within these sets may have not screamed my name, the fact that they are True Blood Deborah Lippmann's was enough to make these a must have. And I found them at Winners so DOUBLE BONUS. Actually if I was a good friend I would have also grabbed them for Melissa but alas, I suck.

If you are a True Blood fan then you'll know that the season premiere of the FINAL season starts on Sunday, out with Game of Thrones and in with True Blood. Oh HBO you really know how to not overwhelm my schedule. I dig it. I'm still really sore over Warlow's departure. If you haven't seen last season and that is a spoiler for you, the statute of limitations on spoilers for last season is up so deal with it.
Anyways here is the first of two sets!.

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Okay so this set is inspired by Sookie, so it explains the ethereal (side note, I have a ridiculously hard time saying that word in real life... my brain always wants to turn it into utrethral which is obviously not a thing anything close to ethereal) white shimmery duochrome, but the taupey colour could be more exciting. Sookie is the queen of sass, I just expected something with some fire. Something that says "Hey! I like to sleep with ALL the supernatural beings!" Anyways it is what it is.

Human Nature
mortal putty taupe
As far as taupes go I really like this one, it had the perfect consistency of a DL creme. Such fantastic shine too, this was two coats with no top coat. I still think that although I do see how this could be Sookie inspired I still wanted something sassier than this. 

ethereal shimmer
Oh look there's that word again! First of all oh how I miss my super long claws. Clearly there was a bit of a gap in between when I swatched and wore these two polishes. This polish I totally understand why this would be in the Sookie set, she's a fairy so this makes sense. This actually built up better than I expected to. It's clearly still sheer and would be banging over a darker colour but I do also like this on it's own.
This was three coats.


  1. Wow Fairydust looks stunning :-)

  2. Seriously the fact that your Winners regularly stocks Lippmanns... Like wtf, I would be in there every day. EVERY DAY.


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