Friday, June 13, 2014

OPI - Samba-dy Loves Purple

Hey guys,

Rant warning. Feel free to skip down to the polish. You've been warned:
So right now #EndFathersDay is trending on Twitter and I find this horribly sad and personally quite hurtful. Some people are saying that Father's Day is supporting rape culture and all sorts of other ridiculous things. First off, people it's a hallmark holiday LITERALLY created to sell ties and greeting cards during the war when business was down. Second, like any holiday if you don't like it STOP CELEBRATING IT, no one is forcing you to have ANYTHING to do with Father's Day. It's the whole guns don't kill people, people kill people thing. I mean don't get me wrong there are some HORRIBLE people out there but how is it fair to let a small margin of people ruin it for everyone.
Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the day my Dad passed away, yeah right before Father's Day. Great timing Dad. My Dad was the greatest man I have ever known, he was my closest friend. He supported me in every single thing I ever did and was likely the sole reason I turned out to be the person I am (not to give my mom no credit but in all seriousness her and I are nothing alike) The whole End Fathers Day thing makes me really sad and frankly I think it's stupid. I'm pro Father's Day.

Moving on to the polish of the day. This is a bright fuschia liquid sand from OPI's Brazil spring collection. This is more purple and less pinky in real life. As far as textured polishes go this is more of the sugary and less straight up gritty ones. Standard liquid sand application here. This is two coats,

This is
OPI - Samba-dy Loves Purple

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  1. What a pretty polish. I do like the Beach Sandies, well not really the yellow one lol! :-)


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