Sunday, June 22, 2014

Deborah Lippmann - Forsaken: Bad Things Set

Hey guys,

So I hope that everyone had as great of a weekend as I did, like I mentioned yesterday I spent a vast majority hanging out with the Lawrence brothers, and obviously by that I meant I spent my weekend watching Brotherly Love & Melissa and Joey. It was fantastic... if you don't know who the Lawrence brothers are (yes I am looking at you best friend Nicole) please click here or here, have your memory jogged.

Tonight, True Blood. The last season. It's happening, and today I have the second Deborah Lippmann True Blood set to show you. This one included 3 minis. I had the same problem with this set as I did with the last set, while I think the black cherry sheer polish is fitting, what is up with the pink? Why? How is there no bright red?

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Bad Blood
sheer black cherry
First up is my favourite polish in the set, it's really the only polish that I think fits in with the vampire theme for this set. It's a sheer so of course it was a bit of a pain in the butt, however I did like the way this one looked. This was four coats.

Strange Love
vampy magenta
So this polish was semi-sheer with some hidden shimmer (see the last pic with flash to see the shimmer) I really don't think this polish fit really well with the theme, while it was pretty it just felt a bit out of place.
This was three coats.

New Flesh
clean nude
Last up is a sheer nude, this gave me total mannequin hands and freaked me out so I wound up adding some black and white nail art just so I could wear it through the day. That being said if this is your thing, that's totally cool and this was a nice sheer nude. This was three coats.


  1. What a nice set! I like the Strange Love polish :-)

  2. UNF I want these so bad. They look so good. Best find ever.


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