Monday, June 30, 2014

June Julep Maven Box

Hey guys,

So I really didn't want this to happen, I told myself I would be good. Then it happened. I upgraded my Julep box AGAIN. This month Julep introduced their new My Maven program. All existing Mavens would have the choice to continue with their current subscription program which is you choose which box you want then you can have up to three add-ons. Or upgrade to "My Maven" and pay $25 a month and be able to customize their box, which I actually like because you can swap out a polish you don't want for one you do want. Or you can upgrade to the Maven Luxe box and pay $40 a month and get to choose more products in your box. I upgraded to the My Maven, but after looking at this month's collection I splurged. I blame the fact that this month's collection is whimsical. It's very A Midsummer's Night Dream.

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full-coverage borealis blue stardust
This was really gorgeous, I really hope the December birthstone polish is the non-stardust version of this. This also stained like a mo-fo to be expected considering the color. This was two coats.

poetic violet shimmer
 This is a fantastic royal purple shimmer. Great application too. This was 1 coat!

alluring orchid iridescent chrome
I was pretty impressed with how this one built up. This was three coats.

Refined copper metallic 
  I don't have much to say about this one. It was pretty but probably not something I would wear a whole lot. 
This was two coats.

Golden dragonfly iridescent chrome 
At first I was expecting this to be a more of a golden green duochrome like OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard, but this was much less green. I really liked this one. This was three coats.

Celestial fog iridescent chrome 
I was kind of surprised because this looked almost identical to Phia in the bottle, seemed kind of unecessary to have both of them in the same collection as they are pretty similar. This was three coats.

 Hazy blue-grey shimmer
This was one of my favourites of the collection. It wasn't the flashiest but it was nice and simple and I liked the way it fit with the collection. This was two coats.

 Enchanted berry iridescent chrome
I really liked this one. I think it fit perfectly with the collection. This was two coats

Antique gold chrome 
I'm really not a huge fan of frosty type polishes like this due to their finicky-ness. I also find they want to build up on the tips no matter what I do. I liked the colour of this though. This was two coats.

 Pixie mutidimensional iridescent top coat
This was the bonus add on polish for this box. To be honest I don't know why they don't just make these polishes part of a box instead of making them an add on. I think this could be really versatile over dark polishes. This was one coat over Colette.

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  1. What a cruel ass mistress Julep is! Or temptress, really.


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